Distinctly different wines, taste the thrill of something new

Here at The Gilded Grape, we can guarantee that you’ll find something ‘distinctly different’. We stock a diverse variety of wines including Vegan, Organic, Natural and Non Filtered wines.

We love to chat to you about where our wines come from, what makes them special, how they may sit on your palette or what they’re perfect for.

Whether you need advice on wine pairings, what to expect from grapes found in a different region, or something more classic – you can chat to Michelle for everything you’ll need to know. 

Based on Leeds Road in Ilkley, you’ll find The Gilded Grape as you travel into the historic town of Ilkley. Yorkshire is known for its rolling hills, spectacular views and independent businesses. The door to The Gilded Grape will be open to welcome you and offer red, white and rose wines from around the world.

We’re passionate about supporting independent, small and family-run vineyards. Therefore you’ll never find any of our wines in a supermarket or in your local area.

Why not call in and take a look for yourself!

We care about our products 
We have a deep passion for the products we sell at The Gilded Grape and want to share great experiences with you.
We’re here for
the long run
We love building meaningful and enduring relationships with suppliers, the community and our customers.
We're here
for everyone
We welcome anyone with an interest in wine (novices to connoisseurs) who wants to explore the products we sell.
We’re truly independent
As a local, independent shop we only look to source wines from Merchants who support family-run vineyards.
We're distinctly different
We stock a diverse variety of wines, including vegan, organic and nonfiltered. Be ready to discover something unusual!
Discover more about The Gilded Grape
The Gilded Grape has transformed the way I look at wine - I was previously a novice 'plonk drinker' but now feel informed enough to purchase wines I know I'll enjoy, for weekend drinks or as a meal accompaniment Dena Reynolds, Leeds
The Gilded Grape recently supplied a selection of wines to support a catering event we held. Our clients loved the fact that Michelle discussed their taste preferences and took their comments on board. Michelle came with three wine suggestions from Greece and the Greek Islands. She recommended a red wine from Kefalonia, White from mainland Greece and a Rose from Achaia, Western Greece. The client had never tasted Greek wine but had a great day being introduced to wines that ordinarily, they never would have even noticed or tasted. Kian Lian – Co Owner of The Pudding Lab, Boston Spa
What I love about The Gilded Grape is Michelle’s passion and enthusiasm for great wine. Michelle is able to capture your attention when she talks about wine and let you explore flavours that you may not have experienced before. She really understands flavour, palette and opens the door to letting you try something new. If I’m looking to impress someone with a great wine, or really treat myself to a new flavour – I would always go to The Gilded Grape. Rebecca Hopwood, happy customer
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